Hi, I’m Eldon Partridge!

The story of how this blog came to be is a rather embarrassing one for me, but I believe that it’s one worth telling, especially if it encourages someone in a similar position to follow in my footsteps.

I’ve never been much of a ‘hands-on’ or practical kind of guy. I’ll happily admit that I’ve always shied away from manual labour and have always sought to defer any technical task onto a better-suited individual. I’m a writer by trade, so my days are spent at a laptop or on the phone – not getting my hands dirty trying to fix something.

My Father has long lamented my aversion to the DIY tasks that are usually associated with ‘honest working men’, but by the time I’d moved away from home had come to accept that it was possible to make a living without engaging in a form of back-breaking work. However, he’s always said that my long-standing refusal to learn any of these skills myself would eventually land me in some difficulty and damn it if he wasn’t right…

For years I’d managed to escape from any DIY challenge by employing a friend/partner/neighbour to assist me (usually in exchange for some kind of drink). But one day I ran out of luck and I was forced to face my sorry lack of practical life skills head-on.

When I bought my first home in the country, I was terribly skint. The house had been a dream for so long that I’d never expected the sale to go through – but it did and before I knew it I was sat in a semi-decrepit farmhouse in the middle of the night desperately wishing that I’d learned how to wire a plug at some point in my 30+ years.

I knew that something had to change when I was given a price for the rewire of my new home, my jaw hit the floor and I made a vow then and there to learn how to get to grips with all things electrical.

This blog charts my progress as an electrical student including all my pitfalls wins and near-misses. If you’ve got a question about my journey then please head over to my contact page to do so.